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Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
CSI is the organization that produced (in conjunction with CSC) the MasterFormatTM Document.  This document currently contains Divisions 1 -16. The Division 17 initiative efforts are focused on the addition of a Division 17  for Telecommunications in the next edition of  this document.

Those not familiar with CSI are encouraged to go to the CSI site to learn more.

If you are unfamiliar with the MasterFormat or never knew the source of Divisions 1-16, you will want to obtain a copy of the Project Resource Manual--CSI Manual of Practice (PRM).  The MOP consists of 2 binders full of information.  One binder contains four modules: Fundamentals and Formats, Specifications Practice, Product Representation and Contract Administration as well as a Key Word Index. The second binder contains the: MasterFormat, and the SectionFormat and PageFormat documents as well as the UniFormatTM


BICSI -A Telecommunications Association
BICSI, a not-for-profit telecommunications association, is a world-wide resource for technical publications, training, conferences, and registration programs for low-voltage cabling distribution design and installation. By year's end, BICSI will have over 20,000 members residing in 85 nations.  If you are interested in joining BICSI - membership information can be found here.

BICSI's Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual is now the accepted design guideline of the industry. BICSI's successful LAN Design Manual was first released in 1995. Both manuals were released in CD-ROM format in 1996 and the instantly popular Cabling Installation Manual was produced in 1997.  In 1999, BICSI introduced the Customer-Owned Outside Plant Design Manual, LAN and Internetworking Applications Guide, and BICSI Telecommunications Dictionary.